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Get a Health Plan Tailored to Your Needs

Association Health Plan, Inc. operates in the metropolitan St. Louis area, delivering Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies. Let us guide you through the process of acquiring a health plan the meets your needs.

Doctor and Patient

Individual Policies

Let's begin by calculating your total adjustable income so you won't pay more than you have to, or not enough, for proper coverage. We'll also find out if your preferred hospitals will be available to you with your plan. If you are ever sick and in need of hospitalization, these are important things to know.

Short-Term Plans

Get a short-term plan that may be more affordable for you during a particular time. Premiums are very high now, and our short-term plans offer a more cost-effective option for health benefits.

Senior Policies

Specialized senior policies for people 65 and older are available. Our offerings include Medicare supplements, prescription medication coverage, and long-term healthcare coverage. The Medicare supplement is a requirement for people 65 and older, and you may go into a Medicare Advantage program or a Medicare supplement program. If you continue working past age 65, you may be offered these benefits by your employer before you retire.

The Advantage program has a drug card built into the plan, and the supplement requires you to choose one that will suit you best. These options can cost you as little as $15 per month and can range up to $125, depending on the type of medication you need to take.

Senior With a Nurse

Options for seniors are not always optimal; however, if you can spend the money, you may want to consider getting some form of protection in the event you need to live in a nursing home.

Contact us when you turn 64 to check out your options ahead of time. Short-term plans do require renewal after a year and plans with longer durations can be set up with ACA insurance or other types of insurance that cover things like accidents, cancer, or hospital stays.